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About Us

Our fully trained staff consists of Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses and Medical Assistants. Our physician is a Texas State licensed obstetrician and gynecologist specially trained in 1st and 2nd-trimester abortions.

Dr. Aquino has been a physician for more than 36 years, and provides services at both, Alamo Women's Clinic, and Coastal Birth Control Center. He is kind, gentle, and compassionate. He cares deeply about each and every one of his patients and it shows in the level of care he provides.

To ensure a fully informed decision, all education in the clinic is done on an individual basis. Experienced educators will discuss the procedure techniques, after-care instructions, and birth control.

We are members of the National Abortion Federation . This organization sets standards and clinical guidelines for over 400 abortion clinics nationwide and our clinics meet or exceeded the standards set forth by this organization.

Our clinic is also licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and are inspected annually. We continue to exceed the standards of this licensing board.

Patients have rights to:

  • Be allowed to make her own choice and self-determination;
  • Are ensured the right to personal privacy and confidentiality of her choices and decisions;
  • Are ensured the right to voluntary and informed consent as defined in Health and Safety Code (HSC), 171.02, without paying a fee for the informational materials;
  • Are ensured individual counseling concerning private medical information and to be given a private opportunity to ask questions;
  • Be allowed to review their medical record, including the sonogram, if one has been performed, at any time as provided by law;
  • Have access to care and treatment consistent with available resources and generally accepted standards regardless of race, creed, and nation origin;
  • Are allowed to ask additional questions after giving consent and to withdraw consent while still medically safe to do so;
  • Are provided freedom from abuse, neglect, or exploitation as those terms are defined in 1.204 of this title (relating to abuse, neglect, or exploitation defined);
  • Be allowed to review the department's informational materials as described in HSC, 171.014 and 171.015. Texas Law Texas Law requires that you receive specific information from the clinic/physician at least 24 hours before having the abortion.

We are proud to provide safe, confidential and compassionate abortion services for all women. We strongly believe that abortion must always be a matter of personal choice.

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